Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I want to help out with this so let me share

Organic landscaping school

The Nantucket Land Council, in its continuing mission to rejoin Nantucketers with Mother Earth, is offering 10, $1,000 scholarships for island landscapers to go to a five-day accreditation class in organic land care.
The course is sponsored by the Northeast Organic Farming Association and is the Land Council's way of educating landscapers and gardeners in organic practices designed to prevent the pollution of the island's ponds, drinking water and shellfishing industries with heavy fertilization.
The Land Council believes that overuse of fertilizers containing nitrogen and phosphorus has a significant negative impact on island groundwater and is likely one of the causes of shrinking scallop populations in our harbors.
If you are interested in this scholarship, pick up an application at the Land Council office at 6 Ash Lane and sign up for one of the four sets of dates that the course is offered at the following link: OLC%20Course/8thannualOLCcourse.php. The deadline for applications is Dec. 1. Call 228-2818 for more details. I

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